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Here at Best in Class, we understand that the ACT is not only stressful for the student, but the parent as well. Everyone wants to do what is best for their child, especially when it comes to their education. Something that we get asked about often is whether or not a student should do some kind of prep course before taking the ACT the first time. Our answer is a resounding YES! And it should definitely be strategy-based.

Think about it this way… the ACT is a lot like getting ready for a big football game. Sure, you have played plenty of games before, but this team is like no other team you have seen this season. Maybe your entire life. What if Joe Burrow and the Tigers had not prepped for the National Championship… do you think they would have won? Probably not! They studied their opponent’s strengths, practiced plays, and then practiced some more.

Your student should look at the ACT as an opponent. You, their coach, would not send them into a big game without any sort of strategy and game plan, so why would you do that with the biggest test at this point in their life? Best in Class equips students with the winning strategies to conquer the test. The great thing is that the opponent never changes. Therefore, the strategies we teach them will build and get better on every test. They never change because the ACT never changes: the types of questions they ask, the answer types they are looking for, and how they trick the students.

The answer is a no-brainer. A baseline score is not going to tell you anything about what knowledge they are lacking if they do not know how to take the test first. Make sure your student is ready for the “big game.” Your student will be better for it.

With the March 17th statewide test, and the April 4th national test right around the corner, if this is your student’s first try, get them the strategies that will help them conquer the ACT.