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Even though the brain is not a muscle, we should still exercise it like one. Like the rest of your body, to keep it healthy and functioning at its best, your brain should be stimulated often. Right now, without the structure of a school setting, it is hard for students at home to exercise their brain like they would at school. If you, as a parent, see that your student does not have much schoolwork to do one day, suggest an educational or creative activity to keep them stimulated. For example, ask your student to write a creative story on any topic you give them. You might be surprised with what they come up with!

Another way for your student to continue exercising their brain is to get extra practice in areas they may have had trouble understanding during the school year. Whether it was a unit in math that was gone over too quickly, or a lesson in English that they could not quite grasp, our tutors are here to help your student feel confident in the material. Come exercise your brain with Best in Class!